Organise A Casino Night Fund Raiser And Raise Money For Charity

One of the great ways to raise money for charities is with a casino night fundraiser. If contemplating organising such an event the very first thing to be done will be to check with the State Gaming Commission and/or the Attorney General's office as to whether it's legal to run one. Assuming that it is, this event will need to be well structured so as the desired goal/target is reached.

For the casino night fundraiser, the organiser will need to start out by knowing the following: 1) Net Profit - How much money does he intend to raise? 2) Tickets - How many tickets will reasonably be sold? 3) Expenses - What will the total expenditure be for the event? 4) Gross - What is the combined total of the net profit and all expenses?

Here's an example of how these four components come together: The organiser's target is to clear $3500 from the event. He intends for 200 tickets to be sold. His total expenditure is $1500. Therefore: $3500 (Net Profit) + $1500 (Expenses) = $5000 (Gross). $5000 Gross/ 200 Ticket sales = Ticket Cost $25.

The question now to be asked is will the cost of the ticket be perceived as good value by the targeted market for what is planned to be made available? In other words will the market support the quantity of ticket sales projected being sold at the determined price? Assuming that to be the case it's time to look at some other things for the success of the casino night fundraiser.

The organiser has to have a clear goal in mind of how much he wishes to raise, this in turn determines the price of the tickets in conjunction with the limit of expenses. The key here is to maximize the revenue whilst minimizing expenses.

Revenues & Expenses

Revenues, for a fund raiser will be made up of the following: Ticket Sales, Food & Beverage Sales, Table Sponsorship, Auctions, additional purchases of Scripts/ Funny Money. Being that the main source of revenue will be derived from ticket sales, the organiser will want to enlist as many willing volunteers selling the tickets as possible, the more the merrier. If ticket prices are high basic drinks like sodas, beer and wine will be expected to be included, the same also with some basic snacks.

Having a table sponsor for each table in use is designed to cover the table cost, auctions and raffles too are good revenue generators along with additional script purchases for the players which should be reasonably priced so as to keep them at the tables.

The organiser can keep expenses to a minimum if he attempts to secure the facility free. Several organisations are open to help out with such events, so apart from food and beverages there's little else to consider in making this casino night a casino night to remember!