Online Gambling and Charitable Causes

Have you noticed that many events designed to raise money for charity have a gambling-related angle? Maybe you have been to a "Vegas Night" where games of chances can be played for "fun," with an up-front donation, or participated in a charity or church raffle. Gambling is a pretty effective avenue through which to channel fund-raising efforts for a worthy cause.

Why do you think it works like that? Well, there is a very basic reason we can start with - people enjoy participating in gambling activities, regardless of what the moralizers who stand against it want to tell you. If it is done in sufficient moderation, it is a pursuit that is good, clean fun and supplies a chance to get lucky.

There's another assumption we can feel safe in operating under: people who gamble are more charitable by nature than those who aren't. We can say without much doubt that most Canadian online gamblers have a certain spirit about them that is not "tight." They are willing to spend money on themselves and at the same time they are not so self-centered that they do not think about others. If you are a gambler, you feel a kinship with other online gamblers, and you are in a battle against the odds. Beneficiaries of charity are also trying to beat the odds in one way or another, and it is quite possible that there is a certain shared empathy for people like that.

The casino industry, and in particular online gambling, has been very generous in terms of the time and money they share with those in need. They are constantly thinking of ways there they can contribute to the community in that way, and this is something that has long been ignored by those who are so quick to criticize the industry. In fact, it can probably be said that it is one of the more charitable-minded businesses in existence.

Charity poker tournaments, for example, abound, as they raise money for legitimate 501(c)3 organizations, along with community projects. This can take place in either the online or land-based environments, and it's a good bet that if you are indeed a poker player, you have come across one from time to time.

And let's talk about another environment that is geared toward worthy causes. The online gambling industry, as it is licensed and regulated in Canada, is structured with causes in mind. Remember that it is run by the provinces, and the money that comes in will eventually be channeled in a certain direction. Well, some of those places it will be funneled to include education, certain charitable organizations and community causes. That's right - online gambling helps to rebuild communities.

If you are reading this, likely you are not an opponent of online gambling. But if you are, we would ask you the following - what did YOU do for your community today?