If Trying To Raise Funds Through Charity Giving, Can Online Work?

Even as recent as 2013, charity giving over the internet made up over 30% of all donations. Obviously, it has to be taken into account when there is a national or international disaster and the likes of the Red Cross launch an instant public appeal via the media, as well as phoning in donations, those wishing to support the cause will be given an internet option to make their donation online.

For someone wishing to develop fundraising activities and reach the charity giving public online, it is indeed another avenue that can be explored.

With social media websites such as Twitter, one can literally open up a whole new world of who can be reached. Networking these days has none of the old taboos of the 70's, far from it.

It's now an acceptable norm for expanding business and statistics show when it comes to charitable donations, the Twitter platform with its Tweeters, dig deep at the time of need.

One UK charity website alone has claimed average individual contributions in the UK alone of over £30/$47. There's also Facebook, how could one forget that?

There are also popular fundraising platforms that can be easily found. That said one will then want to get into the demographics of each site through the likes of perhaps Alexa and check for things like website rankings and traffic.

With the advent of the internet, charity giving takes on a completely new dimension. Expenses incurred may be greater but may be defrayed by reaching more people.

All charities are businesses and with all businesses, expenses will be incurred. Follow the heart for sure, that's what being involved in is all about, doing something that one can feel passionate about. However, keep the business head firmly screwed on at all times and always work within well thought out and well laid out defined parameters. It's an absolute must for success.