What Is Required To Start A Successful Charity Golf Tournament?

When it comes to putting on a charity golf tournament, proper organisation is required if the organiser wants it to be a blinding success that everyone, players and sponsors alike wish to be involved with year after year after year.

Not many people outside or the sport are aware that the average charity golf tournament raises $5,000, neither are they aware that there are over 1 million golfing events in the U.S.A. each and every year.

The organiser putting together his plan for a memorable charity golf tournament will firstly need to set his goals and define his purpose. It is said 'man is only limited by his own thoughts' so when setting those goals, why not make them something big and meaningful and full of purpose!

What kind of purpose would one have for wanting to organise a golf tournament? Well as well as fundraising, there is also networking which is kind of a biggie, client entertainment and also public relations. It goes so much beyond just a game; it brings people together in a beautifully relaxed environment, building bridges between business & acquaintances.

Back to the charity golf tournament and what will be required. A committee will need to be put in place by the organiser. A place to start will be with businesses and vendors within one's own industry, other acquaintances too should be contacted as one should not discount anyone. There are people that will want to be involved in the cause; they just have to be asked to volunteer their assistance.

The committee organiser will need to define their purpose with a specific plan in place with proper targets. How much money they wish to raise, where the money will go to, and the means by which they make their vision a reality. Golfers and sponsors alike are far more willing to write checks when they know that the event has been properly put together with a strong purpose and solid plan behind it.

Goals need to be laid out in writing to committee members with them turning in weekly progress reports to the organizer so steady progress can be monitored.

The calibre of the participating players will determine the tournament format and the feedback from these players will be crucial in determining the selection of a golf course suited to all. The tournament will need to be organised for the shoulder season and having a good cause should facilitate a good deal from the club.

Sponsors have the check books waiting to give to worthy causes. Relationships should be sought out amongst all committee members and their relative industries to involve sponsors in the exciting and worthwhile project. There are many more things to cover, but this will point the organiser in the right direction, and on the road to what should be a highly memorable event!