Anyone Ready For Some General Guidance On How To Start A Charity?

The following information on how to start a charity is only intended as a general guide and a point from which to start. It's for those wishing to establish a non profitable organisation providing some sort of charitable service within the community funded by public donations.

When thinking of charities, one can automatically recount the most popular ones such as The Red Cross, Unicef, Children in Need, and Cancer Research to name just four, but the reality is there are far far more. Just in Australia, a country with a population of just over twenty three and a half million inhabitants, there are a staggering 600,000 non-profit groups with many of these competing for limited funds that are made available.

Once a community need has been established the first thing to consider when looking at how to start a charity is how many similar type operations are already in existence and could it impinge on fund raising efforts. Fund raising potential is one thing, reality is another. It will have to be considered too that grant making foundations that could be looked to for financial assistance in setting up the charity often prefer to take the challenge on themselves.

Only a small percentage of funding, less than ten per cent can be expected from the likes of foundations and philanthropic trusts, and other grant makers tend to be more inclined to fund charities that are more established with existing systems and operations already in place that have a record of success. With that said, other funding options for the start-up phase that can be implemented will be internally or possible crowd funding.

When looking how to start a charity, one will need to have good legal and tax advice at hand, especially when it comes to having the operation incorporated and compliant with all state and Federal regulation. Each state has regulations and its own do's and don'ts regarding fund raising and it's important to get off on the right foot. Hopefully it will become a fruitful & worthwhile endeavour.