If you Love Slot Tournaments, You'll Love These

More and more players are being drawn to online slot tournaments. These tournaments are great for those who don't like to wager a lot of money because the cost per spin is usually pretty low. Many of these tournaments are run by Microgaming, one of the top online casino software companies in the industry. Microgaming and the casinos that use Microgaming as their software supplier like to host tournaments on a regular basis, including slot tournaments. Betway is one of the best online casinos that has these Microgaming slots tournaments. Betway has exclusive bonuses for new players that will give them free spins when they make a deposit. We definitely recommend it if you love playing slots games.

There are a number of different slot tournaments scheduled on different online casinos, so players will want to check these different sites so they know when the tournaments begin. Once they find a tournament they want to play and have joined the site, they'll want to look and see if the tournament is scheduled, sit-and-go, or private. A good source for tournaments is a promo site like this where you can find amazing deals.

A scheduled tournament is one that starts at a specified time and date. Players will need to pre-register in order to participate in these games. This is why it's important to have a good list of all of the upcoming slot tournaments, especially those that require registration. Generally, scheduled tournaments are shared between all of the casinos that use Microgaming.

Then there are sit-and-go tournaments. These competitions begin once a specific number of players have registered. They can start at any time and on any day. Again, anyone in the Microgaming network can participate in these tournaments, so players aren't limited to using a specific casino. Sit-and-go tournaments usually start fairly quickly because of this.

Private tournaments, on the other hand, are limited to players from a specific casino. This option isn't offered everywhere. In fact, it's somewhat uncommon to find a private slots tournament, but they do exist.

Once you've joined a tournament, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, there are time limits. Players only have a certain amount of time to earn money (sometimes as little as five minutes), and the clock starts as soon as the first spin is made. There is no pause button--players have to keep going no matter what happens. Because of this, players won't want to waste time making small bids. Go big or go home in a slots tournament! Remember, the tournament winner is the player who won the most.

Players will want to click that spin button as quickly as they can. Because the clock doesn't stop for bonus rounds, they'll want to click through there, too. Anything that takes up time is bad since it's time players spend that's not earning more money.

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